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Simple Ways to Eliminate the Tire Kickers

In any business, you’ll spend a certain amount of time on clients who will never pay you.

Yup, this one is a tough one but let’s break it down:

➢ Website designers quote jobs that never come to fruition.
➢ Car dealers spend hours chatting up customers who will never buy.
➢ Book agents read countless manuscripts they will never be able to sell.
➢ And coaches spend time giving out free advice to clients who cannot or will not hire them (yes, oh so true).

Truthfully, it can be frustrating, and it’s a drain on your time, energy and mindset.
But there are some things you can do to eliminate those who will never become clients without having to spend time with them first.

Should You Post Your Prices

One of the most hotly debated topics among advisors, coaches, service providers, and consultants is whether or not you should post your prices on your website.

There are both, pros and cons, on both sides of the fence, but the biggest advantage to posting your prices is that it **immediately eliminates those who cannot afford you.**

Of course, you don’t have to list prices for everything to achieve the same effect. If you offer private coaching and self-directed training packages, having a price tag of $1000 on your “entry level” course makes it clear that your private coaching is going to be at the high end.

If you prefer to quote packages individually, a line that states, “Advisory – Coaching packages start at $___” is a simple way to state your prices while still giving you some flexibility.

**For years, we’ve advocated for not posting prices**. While there are many reasons for this, the primary reason is because folks don’t have a realistic understanding as to how much to pay, or appreciation for the value are they getting as a result of their investment, etc.

Truth be told, I believe the market has become more educated on this topic, and things are shifting. However, we still advocate not posting actual pricing. Rather post coaching packages starting at “$____” .

Intake Forms

Before you get on the phone with anyone, require that they do a little groundwork first. A client intake form should tell you everything you need to know about a potential client long before you pick up the phone. But the real value is what it tells you is how much work they’re willing to do. I cannot even begin to share with you how true this point is!!!!

Not only that, but you can include in your form a question about pricing, such as “What’s your budget for coaching?” Use a pre-defined list of answers that start with “$1,000 and up” rather than letting your potential client fill in her own amount, and those with smaller budgets won’t bother to complete it.

Change Your Language

Words have power, and if the words you use on your website and other marketing material are speaking to newbies or those just getting started in business, you’ll never attract the audience you’re seeking. Instead of using words like “step by step plan,” say, “advanced techniques.” Rather than talking about “easy systems,” mention high-end, complex software by name. Simple changes can help you to automatically attract the right audience.

You’ll still spend some time and energy on those who ultimately won’t hire you, but by making these simple edits to your website, marketing materials, and other business systems, you’ll begin to see more high-end clients and fewer of those you no longer wish to work with.

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