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At Terzakis & Associates, we support, nurture, and guide you to unlock your full leadership potential and successfully achieve your ideal business goals.

We’re equally committed to holding space for your ideal vision for your business, and we’re not afraid to tell you the truth if we see decision‑making that could hinder your results.

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Full-Service Business Advising and Curriculum Consulting & Development

At Terzakis & Associates, we pride ourselves on being hands-on, roll-up-our-sleeves, and get-in-the-mud technical business advisors who will make sure your business is built on a strong foundation. 

Together, we’ll work to move you successfully toward your ideal business goals, whether it’s through our coaching programs or our course design and development services. 

Let us guide you through the process to identify your next level and create the roadmap to get you there. 

we promise to stay with you every step of the way


Susan is incredible. She takes the time to listen to me, guide me, and goes above and beyond to point me in the direction of supportive information. I highly recommend their services!!
- Kelly Jewett
Founder and Operator
of Bogg Road Designs


These lovely ladies helped me develop my first online program and it was a HUGE Success. From content development, marketing support, technical site development and more! They were there every step of the way, and I am so grateful! The online course was professional looking design-wise, and launching this program was seamless! All of the peeps in the course are delighted. I can't wait to create more...Oh wait! We’re already into our second offering.
- Lauren Rainbow
Founder and Author of the Best-
Selling Mediumship Training Deck
I honestly don't know what I would do without the Terzakis team working with me,
and they’re undoubtedly one of the best investments we've made since starting our business.
I look forward to what else we can do going into the future!
- Jim Alexander
Founder and Operator of Capital
Car Audio New Hampshire
If you’re a small business owner looking to attract more clients, improve content quality, and gain deeper insights and knowledge about yourself and your business,
- Christina Ennabe
Licensed Therapist and Life Coach

I began using Terzakis and Associates about 5 years ago.

Since my initial Business Mastermind, I sensed that they understood the struggles and challenges facing me as an entrepreneur who was trying to do everything myself. Over the next 5 years, Susan's coaching resulted in my business growing from $700k a year to almost $2 million - and through this time, my joy and my sanity were restored. I was given tools, taught skills, and helped to implement systems that made running my business sustainable.

Learning to delegate has helped me to focus my time and energy on the tasks that I am uniquely good at, and to not waste my mental and physical energy on tasks that drain me. I am eternally grateful for the impact that Susan and Terzakis Associates have had on my life and business."

- Evan Jones
Master Electrician and Owner of
Evan Jones Master Electrician

Hands down, the Terzakis group has been instrumental in helping me move from operator to owner in my business!

Their experience, resources, and tools have given me exceptional traction to build an incredibly successful business. In the first 6 months alone we doubled revenues, and 2 years later we have continued the exceptional growth rate while streamlining operations in a sustainable way! I will forever be grateful for the counsel and care they keep bringing to me and my businesses development. Best decision we made!

- Kassie Soldano
Founder of Clear View

At Terzakis & Associates, we understand that, to a large extent, every business is unique. We hold tight to this core belief as we collaborate with you to find the specific solutions you’ve been looking for in your business.

Unlike many other coaches and advisors, we’re committed to supporting you over the long haul.

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