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Business Coaching & Consulting

We offer business strategy and consulting tailored to your business, so you can achieve the sustainable success and longevity you’ve been looking for.

From expanding your team, to building brand authority, to scaling up your infrastructure, we have the knowledge, skills, and wisdom to get you the outcomes you’re looking for in your small business.

what impressed me most about working with susan is her keen insight & ability to speak truth

After 10 years in business, we needed a new vision but were having trouble clarifying it. Susan very quickly (and patiently) identified several key areas where we were getting stuck and laid out a road map on how to overcome that to reach our goal. These tools that she provided continue to help us daily to keep focused.
Terzakis & Associates have created some impressive turn-key solutions that will help any small business that wants to get ahead. I think what impressed me most about working with Susan-Anne is her keen insight and ability to speak truth into our lives in such a way that we could receive it and be transformed by it.
-Larry Bartlett
founder and co owner,
of Local Net Results
In a busy marketing world where lots of people say they teach program development, Jessica stands out. She teaches it with swift precision and bullseye accuracy that takes you from idea to income!
If you want to truly lead, truly teach, and truly monetize your unique program then make Jessica your go-to teacher!
-Suzanne Evans
New York Times bestselling author
and founder of Driven Inc.

Curriculum Design and Development

and course creation

Online courses are not just for coaches—not by a long shot!

Here’s what we know to be true: Everyone has something to teach, and people will pay good money for your knowledge.

At Terzakis & Associates, we’ll show you how to craft what you know into a course that earns another revenue stream for your business—and reignites your passion for what you do. Are you ready to learn how to create a course that increases your revenue and expands your business?

Have questions?

we have answers!

Every business is unique, which is why we won’t give you some one-size-fits-all template to follow. At Terzakis & Associates, we collaborate with you to find the specific solutions you’re looking for in your business, and we’re committed to supporting you over the long haul.

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