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3 Ways to Stake Your Claim in Your Industry

Back in 2017, I received some news that I thought would shatter my world: _I couldn’t eat gluten anymore_.

> No more pasta…

> No more dinner bread…

> No more of… well, anything good!!

I **finally** had to learn how to cook and cook food that didn’t include gluten, which is in everything!

So, I hired a chef friend of mine to teach me some of the basics.
While he was teaching me how to cut veggies, he told me this story that I still remember 6-years later:

When chefs interviewed for a job, you’d think they’d have to cook a complex and fancy dishes to show off their skills. But you know what they are asked to do??

Cut an onion! Because cutting an onion is a simple and it is an important basic skill.
If they can’t cut an onion, how can they cook those complex, fancier dishes?

I think about this in the context of how many entrepreneurs I’ve seen overcomplicate the important basic skill of _finding clients to fill their programs.

All too often they’ve assume that they needed ads (FB/Google), fancy funnels, or some other complex thing to fill their group.

Additionally, they’ve assume that because they’ve been in business for a while that they need to be using complex things to ‘find’ ideal clients.

I’ve _NEVER_ used an ad or funnel to fill my program with ideal clients and I’ve made over six-figures with my programs.

I prefer to keep it simple and use proven strategies that have always worked over and over again, like speaking.

Here are 3 of my favorite visibility strategies to find clients and situate yourself as a leader in your industry.

And here’s the fun part: _they don’t always involve being a speaker at those big events!_

**Host a Facebook live, LinkedIn live, or Clubhouse room**

I probably don’t need to tell you a statistic about how much time your ideal client is spending on social media. It’s time for you to create your own stage and speak to them!

Whether you use Facebook live, LinkedIn live, or host a Clubhouse room, these are all FREE and simple ways for you to share your expertise, connect with your ideal client, and convert them into paying clients. All you need to do is have that initial burst of courage to do the first live, and the rest are so much easier.

**Be a guest speaker in someone else’s group**

Chances are, if you’re a coach or consultant, you have other friends who are coaches and consultants!
And chances are, they also have one-to-one clients or group clients.

And I would even be willing to bet that they want their clients to get a ton of value out of their one-to-one client or group program, too.
So, why not help them out?

Offer to lead a free training, in which you help them with something that will get them closer to the program’s outcome.

For example, let’s say your friend is a social media consultant who helps people create converting content. If you’re a mindset coach, offer to lead a free-training to help their clients overcome any of their limiting beliefs so they always post (and don’t worry about other people’s opinion).
At the end, you can make an offer for a consultation.

Proven win-win for all!

**Host your own workshop**

There’s a lot of different terms out there to describe what this may look like: webinar, masterclass, training, workshop. They all kind of mean the same thing (more or less).

The idea here is the connecting.
It’s bringing a group of people together so you can inspire, teach, and invite them to an opportunity to work with you.

And you don’t have to have 1,000 people registered for a workshop to make it a big payday.
I’ve had some clients have just 25-30 people attend a workshop, and they’ve closed over $15k in business.

It’s bringing a group of people together so you can inspire, teach, and invite them to an opportunity to work with you.

**More visibility for you. More people served. More income generated for your business.**

Think back for a moment to some of the clients you’ve closed in the last 3-months.
I’d love to know the simplest strategy you’ve used to find them — be sure to share with me in the comments!

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