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Embracing Your Brand Voice: Your Company’s Greatest Asset

Does Your Branding Really Matter?

Successful marketers understand a hidden truth: customers don’t just purchase a product – they invest in you. They are drawn to your personality, your expertise, and the distinctive qualities that make you stand out.

Gone are the days when “branding” simply meant a polished logo and an impressive catalog. In today’s digital market, inundated by business coaches and life coaches, true value lies in being authentic and transparent. It’s about embracing your individuality and letting your personality shine through, from your social media content to your email newsletters, your communication style needs to be a unified front.

What is a Brand Voice

Your brand voice is not just about how you communicate through writing or speaking (although how your brand sounds is very important); it encompasses how you present yourself on camera or in any form of interaction.

By incorporating storytelling techniques, you can effectively convey your brand’s messaging, values and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Enhancing your brand voice means capturing attention through relatable stories while staying true to who you are.

Examples of Brand Voice

Over the years, some successful and high-profile business coaches have become celebrities of a sort, largely because of their harsh, “don’t hold back” language. Ash Ambirge, author, entrepreneur, and blogger, known for her work in business, marketing and personal development, has gained prominence through her blog and online presence, particularly around her non-apologetic approach to traditionally offensive words, in fact her fans love her for it! And those that don’t? Well, as she says right on her home page, her site and services are “not for humorless bores.” 

But if snarkiness and foul language isn’t your style, there’s no need to worry, in fact, your brand voice should be true to who you are.

Carrie Wilkerson, author, speaker and business coach known for her expertise in entrepreneurship, personal development and direct sales, has built her brand almost entirely on her ability to be kind and generous. She always has a nice word, never appears defeated or overwhelmed, and is an inspiration to her fans and clients- these are her values, this is her tone- and her clients love her for it.

While very different in their approach, these two women have one thing in common: authenticity. 

It’s clear that if you were to meet either of them in person, they would speak and act exactly as they do on their other communication channels because these are their core values. And their brands are stronger for it. 

Building Your Authentic Brand Voice

How did you get to where you are today? The backstory—which to you might seem boring and uneventful—is indeed a powerful tool that can help solidify your brand and attract just the right audience. 

Suzanne Evans, business coach, speaker, and author known for coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs, tells of being a struggling secretary in New York City and of creating an online business rather than simply choosing to work one dead-end job after another. Her success is an inspiration to her audience and is a huge part of her brand identity.

Stacey Martino, relationship expert and coach, speaks often of how she got started online when she was looking for a way to earn just a few extra dollars every month to keep the lights on and hold her marriage together. Creating an innovative program to support couples in crises turned into a full-time online coaching career for her AND her husband Paul. 

Your story doesn’t have to be dramatic, and you certainly don’t have to share more than you’re comfortable with, but it does have to be yours. 

By incorporating storytelling techniques into your copywriting, messaging and content, you can effectively convey your brand’s message and connect with potential clients on a deeper level. Enhancing your brand voice means capturing attention through relatable stories while staying true to who you are- this is true for all brands, whether you’re in business coaching or the small business owner of a brick-and-mortar ice cream shop.

So, don’t be afraid to embrace who you are and incorporate that in your brand voice. Remember to cultivate an authentic voice that reflects both your personality and the story behind why you do what you do. After all, it is this unique combination that sets you apart from the competition and draws customers to your brand.

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