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Pain Points: What You Must Know About Your Potential Clients

How well do you know your potential clients?
Really? _How well do you know them_?

Chances are you’ve developed at least a simple _**ideal client avatar**_.
You know their business, their age, their income and education levels.
You know where they live and how many kids they have and what their biggest dreams are.

But do you _really_ know what drives them, motivates them, and keeps them up late at night?

In this case, we’re not talking about just what they want for the most part. We ALL want more money and free-time back, but more importantly, you need to know what thier biggest **pain** and **problem** points are in order to be of **TRUE** service and support to them.

When you dial in on this dynamic, you’ll not only be able to better create programs to help them, but your sales copy will dramatically improve as well.
In fact, this is a promise to you – it’s amazing every single time I see them first hand!

**Think about it…**

If you’re uncomfortable with technology, and once in a DIY mood you destroyed your website during a simple update, then website management becomes a huge pain or even problem point for you, right? Of course!

Now imagine you find a tech-VA who not only works with WordPress, but who calmly shares examples of how they’ve rescued client websites after such disasters.
They’ve clearly addressed your biggest problem & perhaps most importantly, this tech-VA has point, and friend, you’re sold!

The same is true for YOUR potential clients.

Show them you can help them avoid those pain and problem points—or better yet, eliminate them completely — and you’ll forge an instant bond.

Now you may already have a good idea what causes your clients pain, but if not, you have plenty of ways to find out.

> Talk to them. What do they most often ask or complain about?
> Listen in on forums, on social media, and other places your audience hangs out.
> What are they struggling with?

These can be a rich source of information in any market. Pay special attention to the words and phrases your readers use to describe their troubles.
Finally, keep a sharp eye on both, your competition and co-petitors. Yes, good old fashion market research always delivers the real goods!
What pain points are they addressing in their work with their clients, who happen to be very much like your ideal client?

Once you’ve uncovered your ideal clients’ biggest pain/problem points, you’ll have a powerful tool that you can use not only in your sales copy, but it will also help define your programs and service offerings.

If you can help your clients overcome the most painful issues they face—whether it’s a lack of self-confidence or a fear of public speaking—you’ll instantly become a more valuable resource in your niche.

And when you incorporate those same pain points in your sales copy, your conversions will dramatically increase as well.

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