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Help for Your In-Person Live Event… Finding & Hiring

When you make the commitment to have a live, in-person event, you’re going to need help.
It doesn’t matter if you plan your event in your own hometown or if you’re traveling to a faraway location, hiring an event planner and others will save you time, money and headaches. In addition, you can always find people who will volunteer to help in exchange for a free event ticket and other perks.

Before you start asking for volunteers or hiring event planners, it’s important that you understand what your objectives are of them and perhaps most important – how are they going to support your audience.

Important considerations include what types of equipment will be used, what subjects will be covered at the event, as well as what your budget is. Once you know those things, it’s time to start getting help.

Some of the types of help you might want include:

**Personal Assistants**

This may be someone who is your virtual assistant who is happy to attend the event to help out in person. Usually you will cover their travel, event ticket, and other expenses associated with getting there. If your VA doesn’t want to do it, or can’t, look for someone who has experience helping out at other live events in your market.


Within your audience are people who would love to attend the event but may not be able to afford the cost of the ticket. Many times you’ll find people who will be happy to take on tasks such as manning the registration desk, ensuring that guests are comfortable, answering questions or directing traffic in exchange for a free ticket.

**Event Planners**

A professional event planner is always an important component of putting on a successful live event. Some venues offer a staff planner as part of their event packages but you can also find event planners online and maybe even among people you already know. In general, finding an event planner that lives near or has worked with the location in question is the best choice.


A great thing to consider is having a photographer and videographer on hand to record the event for future promotions. You may even be able to get a discount if you agree to let the photographer make a little money on the side by offering professional headshot packages at a discount to attendees.

**Technical Assistance**

Don’t forget that you’ll have technical issues and equipment that will need a professional touch. Some event venues have people on staff for that, but do not make assumptions; ensure that you have the right tech assistance there.


Many venues offer choices of menus and food options, but if yours does not then you’ll need to find someone to cater your event. The more you keep your guests comfortable and fed the more you can keep them involved with your event directly. Tip: Don’t feed them heavy foods that make them sleepy.

Hiring people and asking for volunteers for your event should be done early. You’ll be glad you got the extra help. Don’t try to do everything yourself if you want to have a successful live event and have fun too.

As you might imagine, we have a group a “A” players in each category.
If you are in need of a recommendation, just reply to this post and we’ll happily share their contact information!

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