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Think overstuffing your program leads to lots of buyers? Think again!

Read this story if this is something you struggle with…

There’s nothing I love more than chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant.

It’s my favorite thing about the Mexican restaurant close to where I live.

One time, my dad and I went there for dinner. We were so hungry when we got there that we demolished two baskets of chips in like the first 15 minutes of being there (have you ever done that??).

Then, we ordered dinner…

And then the server persuaded us to get dessert.

We ate like we’d never have the opportunity to eat at a Mexican restaurant ever again.

The two of us felt so uncomfortable and full that my dad jokingly said someone needed to roll us out to our cars!

As we walked out, rather than feel satisfied, we felt a little disgusted with ourselves for eating as much food as we did.

I was telling a client of mine that this is the exact feeling her clients have when she “wants to give them everything.”

She thought that her value is in stuffing every single piece of information she’s ever learned into her program.

She thought more content means people will see that she’s a trustworthy, safe investment.

She thought that more content will mean people will like her and think she’s a great coach or consultant.

She thought that more content will mean people won’t want to cancel or ask for a refund or be disappointed in her program.

She thought that more content is the only way that she could charge more for her programs and services.

She thought more content is the only way she could differentiate herself from her competitors.

If you’ve had these thoughts, I have to ask you: “when is enough enough?”

The problem in “wanting to give everything” is doing that will only leave your client feeling so uncomfortably full that they may even regret signing up for your program!

Instead, think about giving your client some chips and salsa…a satisfying appetizer that will leave them wanting more.

Your clients will love you for it.

I get that this is one of the hardest steps in putting a program together: clearing all the ideas in your head and identifying a focused idea that’s going to make you money fast.

If you want me to help you figure this out so you can implement immediately, let’s get on a [call]( I’ll tell you if your idea is going to be a money maker!

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