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Here’s an idea that wins you friends, influences people, and improves your business. What could be better than that?

Corporations have boards of directors. As a small business or even as a solo/mirco-entrepreneur you’re not likely to have a board of directors even if you are incorporated. Besides, who wants to answer to a board? –Exactly, but wait…

How about a team of highly respected professionals, which you admire that happen to provide you with solidbusiness guidance AND advice when you want or need it most?Perhaps you think, wait, this is just too good to be true? Really?? Okay, then…please read on:

**Your Advisory Board**
You have an opportunity to form an Advisory Board for your professional enterprise [small, solo, and micro businesses]. Pull together five to seven individuals with expertise you respect but can’t necessarily afford.

Ask if they would be interested in joining your “Advisory Board”.

This group isn’t required to meet or keep minutes!

Your only request of them is that they be willing to field an **occasional phone call** from you or take a look at a new concept you’re developing.

In return, you will happily list the Advisory Board on your website, in your brochure, and on other promotional material. And why not! This is truly a win-win and all parties feel great about this too!

Most, if not all, of these individuals will feel honored you asked for their participation and feel special being included in such an elite group of professionals.

Perhaps, best of all, you receive stellar business advice at an unbeatable price. 😉

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