Terzakis & Associates started out as a notion, a radical idea at the time.

How could I, then what soon would become we, help local entrepreneurs, a.k.a. small business mavericks, rebels, and the color-outside-the-lines folks, these rabble rousers really, play a larger role in our communities?

We are still on this journey... and it’s honestly, it’s an amazingly joyful journey, too!

Today, you may know these rabble rousers more readily as solo-entrepreneurs and small business leaders. They are truly amazing and most remarkable in my eyes!

From the start, I’ve always been deeply interested in learning what makes small business owners tick. I wanted to know why they were not being guided and nurtured as their counter parts were in the mid-size business arena.

I wondered...

“What would be the outcome be if they had the same guidance, support, and advising - just like the big guys and gals within the mid-size business arena?”

For me, I imagined the outcome would be awesome and soon, the public policy folks and major business schools followed suit.

As competition among communities for increasingly small business heats up,
business retention programs have become the most popular economic
development efforts of communities nationwide.

Policy advisors now readily share what we have always known to be true:

Real job growth over time comes from small
business expansion.

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