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Our Workshops

Business Plan 101
Learn an easy approach to developing a business plan to manage all aspects of your business, including marketing, finance, operations, personnel, and overall strategy.
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The Business Scorecard: Tracking Profitability.
Do you know if you made money this month? There are four to six metrics that can help any company track its profitability. Do you know what yours are?
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Making the Most of LinkedIn
You may be on, but have you taken advantage of all it has to offer? LinkedIn can help with reputation management, branding, lead generation, search engine optimization and networking IF you are an active participant.
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Making Information Technology More Productive and Less Intimidating
The selection process and engagement with products and providers can make even the best of us feel ignorant and vulnerable.
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Internet Marketing: Is it for you?
Proven online strategies can support and help you launch your company’s web presence, e-mail newsletters or blog, and help you sell goods and services online. Learn how to track your marketing and sales progress through web analytics.
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Financing Your Business: Do You Qualify ?
Learn from a banker and a Certified Financial Planner on how a lender will evaluate your loan request. Credit quality, cash flow, and collateral are all key, but what do they all mean?
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Pricing Your Products and Services
Learn about pricing concepts, the role of pricing in a company’s strategy, and an easy four-step process to determine pricing for your services or products on the basis of costs, customer goals, trends, and competition.
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Hiring and Managing Employees and Contractors
Hiring, firing, independent contractors, state and federal law, time off, performance…everyday challenges for business owners and managers.
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Marketing: Knowing Your Niche
Effective marketing – the process of identifying, reaching, capturing, and retaining your customers – is essential to your success. This workshop will provide simple, cost effective, and perhaps, most importantly, practical approaches to marketing your business. Our experienced presenters will explore and discuss a wide range of marketing resources, tools and tips.
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