Solo-Entrepreneur Coaching Packages

Well, let’s take a moment to define how we, at Terzakis & Associates, view Solo-Entrepreneurs:

A Solo-Entrepreneur is a professional who chooses to go into business by themselves (“go solo”), collaborate with others, grow their business without boundaries and, more than likely, without traditional employees. The Solo-Entrepreneur may also be called a free agent, freelancer, solopreneur, self employed, sole proprietor, or home based business owner (although not all Solo-Entrepreneurs are home-based.)

Being a Solo-Entrepreneur does not mean you have to be isolated or be completely on your own. Solo Entrepreneurs often leverage and collaborate with others and often build joint ventures with other soloists according to their business needs. Although most Solo-Entrepreneurs do not have traditional employees, some may have a handful of key employees to help support their day-to-day business needs or build the business in other ways. In order for them to find their ultimate clients in abundance, we support their growth and finding the perfect virtual assistants, freelance writers, virtual bookkeepers, independent technical support consultants, etc.

As a Solo-Entrepreneur, you can’t create a growing, thriving business if your revenue is tied only to the number of hours you work.  To create true scale, you will need to build an automated business, with processes that support this growth and ones that continue to generate revenue and profits [even while you sleep].

Again, this is where Terzakis and Associates support you best. After all, you’re smart, motivated, and you’re passion in helping your clients is obvious, but you feel like you should be making more money. You may have even wondered, every now and then, if you should continue doing this because of the low returns on your investment into this business.

Our coaching will help you develop the tools, processes, systems, best practices, and strategies to get you the return on your investment!

We stand by our work and it’s why we guarantee desired business results and a return on investment in a measurable and meaningful manner. That’s our simple-no-hassle guarantee!  Would you like to know more? Then contact us today to set up a “Get Acquainted Call”.

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