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Are you a Micro-Entrepreneur?

Well, let’s take a moment to define how we, at Terzakis & Associates, view Micro-Entrepreneurs (ME):

ME’s such as real estate agents, financial advisers, accountants and CPA’s as well as those in the beauty industry tend to hold a specialty license.  What makes them unique is that they must “park” their license with a larger business in order to conduct business themselves.

Unlike Solo-Entrepreneurs, they are unable to conduct legal business services without the larger entity in place. This scenario offers the greatest challenge to ME’s. Though the larger entity exists with its own business plan and model as well as with its own sales plan and model, ME’s require the same individualized attention to detail.  As a result of this duality, it can be exceptionally challenging and belaboring in today’s competitive market place to achieve individual success.

What if there was a simple, highly-effective marketing system, that showed you exactly how to use low-cost to no-cost marketing steps to bring in more business… quickly? Well, there is, and we call it the Building Your Business System™.

The Building Your Business System™ will show you exactly how to achieve desired individual success. By using our step-by-step ultimate client attraction methods and branding, you will focus on the following: creating the marketing materials you need to always have a consistent stream of ideal, high-paying clients; attracting a waiting list of prospects; and, of course, authentically closing the sale.

You will never EVER worry about how to get your ultimate-ideal clients again because you will earn more each month than you ever imagined and finally experience peace of mind and financial security you have always envisioned. Would you like to know more? Then click here to schedule you appointment today!

We stand by our work and it’s why we guarantee desired business results and a return on investment in a measurable and meaningful manner. That’s our simple-no-hassle guarantee! Call us today to get started at 603-488-2130.

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